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General Liability

The Commonwealth’s insurance program coverage of general liability for the Commonwealth of Virginia and Employees of the Commonwealth provides defense which is handled by the Office of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The program provides $2,000,000 per occurrence liability coverage as set forth in Section 2.2-1837 of the CODE OF VIRGINIA, which provides that a self-insurance program may provide protection against liability imposed by law for damages resulting from any claim made against any department, agency, institution, board, commission, officer, agent, or employee thereof for acts or omissions of any nature while acting in an authorized governmental or proprietary capacity and in the course and scope of employment or authorization…  This plan provides coverage for those officially representing Virginia Tech, whether full time, part time, paid or volunteer.  All coverage for professional liability concerns are covered under this policy as well.  Violations of the law or willful acts outside of the employee’s or documented volunteer’s scope of duties are not covered.  Virginia Tech faculty and staff can do the following to reduce the University’s exposure:

  • Planning for the Best and the Worst
  • Exercise professional care when planning and executing an event or project.
  • Anticipate mishaps and take appropriate precautions.
  • Quickly report any incident to the Office of Risk Management.
  • Document duties, responsibilities and boundaries.

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The Commonwealth's insurance program provides coverage up to $2,500,000 (As of July 1, 2021) per occurrence for all University medical staff.

Virginia Tech provides liability coverage to documented University volunteers acting as agents for the University.  The coverage is for liability and not for injury to the volunteer.  Each volunteer should verify that they have health insurance.  If a volunteer is injured, then he/she should file the injury with their personal health insurance carrier.

A volunteer is defined as a non-paid person who performs a prescribed and documented university function or responsibility that has been approved by the department head.  The casual, non-employee who may watch the office telephone for a few minutes is not considered a volunteer.  There should be no compensation, per se, for the voluntary work.

Accident/incident reports are not required for minor injuries such as scrapes, bruises, sprains, etc.  The Accident/Incident report is required for serious illnesses, significant behavioral problems or accidents involving injuries like fractured bones, chipped or broken teeth, extensive lacerations involving sutures, falls involving unconsciousness, dislocations, incidents involving water which require resuscitation, or any injury requiring medical attention, a hospital stay or ambulance response.  If the report is completed, a copy should be faxed to the Office of Risk Management at 540-231-5064 or e-mailed to with the original mailed as soon as possible.  If any additional information is needed, you will be contacted by the Commonwealth of Virginia Office of Risk Management.

Persons who believe that they have suffered an injury or property loss because of the University’s negligence may file a Notice of Claim for appropriate relief.  All tort claims must be filed with the appropriate State office in accordance with Section 8.01-195.6 of the CODE OF VIRGINIA.  For claims being sent to the Division of Risk Management (DRM) use the following link Commonwealth of Virginia Office of Risk Management.  The claim should specify how the University was negligent, detailing the time, place, persons involved and what occurred.  The claim should also state the dollar amount claimed. DRM will assign a claim number, forward notice of claim to agency for investigation, and negotiate directly with the claimant.  In the event DRM and the claimant are unable to reach an agreement on the settlement, the claimant will be free to attempt to settle the matter through litigation.  A courtesy copy for the Office of Risk Management (Fax Number 540-231-5064) is appreciated.  Code of Virginia (Tort Claims Act)

All contracts and agreements must be signed by an authorized University representative.  These documents must be submitted to the appropriate University designee, for review, signature and return. Most Faculty and Staff are not authorized to sign a contract or agreement so identify who is authorized in your Department or University Area.