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Reporting Vehicle Accidents and Property Claims

Vehicle Accidents

Any accident involving a university and/or State licensed vehicle or rental vehicle must follow very specific reporting requirements.  This is true whether the accident was our representative’s fault or another’s fault, or involving property damage only.  As the operator of a State-owned vehicle, or rented vehicle, you are required to immediately call the State Police if the accident occurred off-campus or the Campus Police if the accident occurred on campus.  Guidelines to follow when you have an accident in a State vehicle or a rental vehicle are covered below. All vehicle accidents should be reported to Amber Pifer or by calling 540-231-7439.

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Property Claim

The Commonwealth’s insurance provides full coverage less a $1,000 deductible, for loss of property due to theft, vandalism, etc. or destruction by wind, water, freeze, etc.  Any loss or damage to University property should be reported in accordance with the checklists referred to in this section.  This program provides coverage for any University Owned property in transit.  All sudden and accidental losses or damage to Virginia Tech property should be reported immediately by contacting the Office of Risk Management at or by calling 540-231-7439.  Typical loses include theft, vandalism, water damage, wind damage, floods, lightning damage, etc. 

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